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2012-01-31 14:38:03

The Interactive painting/video installation Touch my nose was premiered 30 of January

One can find the interactive painting/video installation “Touch my nose” at Dmitry Semenov Gallery till 25 of february alongside with the exhibition of the paintingd and objects by the street artist Yeka Haski:

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Interactive painting/video installation “Touch my nose”
Pilot work of the project “The Secret Life of Walls”

in Dmitry Semenov Gallery, St.Petersburg, Ligovsky pr. 63-19 tel 575 83 23
4 February 17.00 Saturday - Vernissage party

“Touch my nose” is he full-fledged hybrid of the painting and video installation in the hybrid street art/animation genre. In the daytime or with the full light it works like normal painting, in the night or without light it becomes interactive video installation. It is not created as video installation on the base of existing artwork; the painting was created with the idea of its future development in video installation.
When an art admirer comes to some gallery space or museum and watches a painting at the wall, the painting generates emotions at admirer’s heart but rests thing-in-itself and never changes. People think that paintings don’t care about them, and Mona Lisa smiles to her thieves in the same way as to her law-abiding worshippers. The only thing that one can do to understand what is behind the smile is just to imagine something in his mind. One can revisit painting by drawing a moustache over the smile at the reproduction of original artwork, or animate an image from the painting to make an interactive video installation. In any case another art object will be created and the painting will rest thing-in-itself as it was before.
Maybe this common opinion is not true and paintings feel emotions when look at us? To investigate this crucial question of the theory of art it is necessary to take a real painting and to make an experiment. To make the result of the experiment clear we are agreed to breed a species of paintings that we can call “extrovert paintings” i.e. paintings that can openly express their emotions. The way to make it is to use the art of the animation of still images and the mathematical science of software development. Thus the hybrid of painting and video installation was created.
The painting creator is street artist Yeka Haski. Street art is rather extravert by itself; it supports interaction with public (painting over, commentaries etc.) Yeka is a master in character creation, and emotions are usually expressed more easily by characters than by abstract spots.
Olga Mishina makes the emotions revelation. Being animation film director, she is a master in characters reaction to various objects.
The emotions generator was chosen. It is … the nose. One can hardly predict somebody reaction to someone elementary action like for example touching somebody’s nose. Somebody can be astonished, pleased, frightened or even crush someone’s nose in response. How the painting will react?
The interactive painting/video installation “Touch my nose” consists of a painting portraying inner world of a man and an object portraying a man’s face. On can find nose on it, and spectators are invited to touch it. The emotions of the painting are precisely projected on it. A spectator can observe a reaction of the painting to his action and even make theories why it reacted in this or that way. Spectators are also invited to depict their theories to installation authors and thus became pioneers in the paintings psychoanalysis.
One should know that “extrovert painting” is in fact rather shy. It can express its emotions only when the light is switched off. With the usual gallery light or in the daytime it behave itself as usual painting and makes poker face.

About the project “The Secret life of Walls”:
“The Secret life of Walls” is a new project produced by “Multivision” that develops digital technologies in street art. The aim of project is to create a series of installations that combine street-art and animation: at the day time the installation looks like an “ordinary” mural, but it turns into interactive video installation when it is dark.
The project involves emerging talents in street art, animation, music, software development as well as well-known professionals in artistic fields. Cooperation of artists in different genres and authors of different generations should lead to experience exchange and development of some kind of “stereo-vision” effect in creation.
The project was conceived at the autumn 2011 during annual “Multivision” festival at the meeting of the street and animation artists. As Russian winter is very long and very cold we decided not to wait for the street art season and to make the pilot object in the gallery. Gallery space is a good experimental field for the project that investigates the interaction of artwork and public from the point of view of the artwork.

By the group of authors Multivision-graFFFest:

Yeka Haski – concept art, digital artwork, painting
Olga Mishina – animation: drawing, scenario, mise en scene
Kirill Chernev – music, sound
Vadim Dulenko – software creator
Dmitry Vysotskiy – animation art director
Svetlana Petrova – idea of the project, producer
Nikolay Saprykin – production manager
Teresa Longo – project supervisor

TV report from the premiere

One more

The painting as it is:

Augmented painting (with projector on):


Interaction and theory:



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