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2012-07-16 23:14:15

The international animated film competition: Best animation under the theme Urban Legends - CALL FOR ENTRIES

Dear friends,
The International Art Forum graFFFest 2012  and the International Festival of Animation Arts "Multivision" hereby warmly invite you to take part in the animated film competition for the Best animation under the theme “Urban Legends”. The competition will be screened night 17 to 18 August outdoors on the bridge in the center of St. Petersburg for tens of thousands of residents and visitors to the city:

The screening is free of charge for the public. Read more:

Best animation under the theme “Urban Legends”.

The culture of contemporary urban jungle is as full of spontaneous collective art as the culture of primeval caves and forests. Internet mems fulfill the role of folklore, web projects – of myths, flash mobs and video games – of rituals, graffiti – of rock paintings. Legends and myths of urban civilization is the topic for the animation video contest.

Jury, which will include directors, animation artists and cultural professionals from St. Petersburg will choose The Best Urban Legend.

Description of the project:
On the night of August 17-18, in the very heart of St.Petersburg, above the Neva River, the best animated films under the theme “Urban Legends” will be screened for the audience of thousands. The lifted part of the Palace drawbridge which faces the Hermitage will turn into the screen for animations; the screen will measure over 400 square meters, rising high above the city streets.
The project “graFFFest” continues the public screens tradition of the “Multivision” festival.
The first run of the Festival of Animation Arts "Multivision" in public screens format took place in 2007 and 2008. At that time this unique project, which drew more than 50000 spectators, got the name «Small Movie for the Big City». This festival was followed by an International Art Forum graFFFest in 2011. In 2012 the biggest cinema theatre in Russia, and probably the biggest in the whole world, will open its “Palace hall” on the Neva River once again, to acquaint a wide audience with the most progressive movements in contemporary art.

Cinema bridges’ video 2007
Cinema bridges’ video 2008
Video and winners of the animated films competition 2011

Requirements for films:
Short films: duration max. 15 min. Completed in the last 5 years.
Theme: Urban Legends
Techniques: animation (2D and 3D drawing, stop-motion, wall-painted, etc.), combined with live shooting is allowed.
Films submission format: DVD, Betacam SP, MiniDV, and quality media files sent online, uploaded to ftp.
An application form available here must be sent with the film.
The competition is held under the regulations of the Multivision festival.
Submissions for the contest NO LATER than August, 5th

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