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2015-08-23 21:32:23

The Best Street Animation competition will take place at 29th August

"Multi-Bridge CTC’’ will become one of the biggest open air cinema hall in Europe with its giant 400 sq.m screen. Over the evening of 29 August, in St.Petersburg, Russia, the city that is famous for its iconic drawbridges, the Troitsky lifting bridge will be transformed into the giant screen for animated short films, selected by the International Festival of Animation Arts Multivision. This unique art experience will be shared by more than 30 000 spectators.

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Muti-Bridge, an innovative media-installation is conceived by the Multivision Festival leader, the artist Svetlana Petrova.

Drawbridges is an architectural feature of St. Petersburg and these architectural monuments decorate the central historic parts of the city. This feature of the architecture of St. Petersburg was originally interpreted in the open-air projects of the Multivision Festival: "Little movies for a big city" (2007-2008) and “graFFFest" (2011-2012) and “Multi-Bridge St. Petersburg – Amsterdam” (2013) - the selection of animation films and video installations were screened right on on the giant screens of 400 square meters attached to the lifted parts of the drawbridges over the Neva river. These screenings were free for all the citizens.

This year “Multi-Bridge CTC”, supported by one of the major Russian TV channels CTC, will be held at the Troitsky Bridge, near the Hermitage Museum. The Multivision festival announced a special street animated film competition.. The theme of the competition is “City and Citizens”: short animated films about the city as modern man environment, how city life change human behaviour, urban rites, urban tribes, stone jungle vs wild nature, everything that the notion of  “city” brings into the notion of “life”. The films selected for the competition will be screened at the bridge and the professional jury will award the Best City Animation.

The winner will be awarded the prize of 700 euros

The theme of wild life in the city will be concretised in the “Cats and the City” animated and fiction viral shorts competition, that is traditionally held during Multi-Bridge events from 2012.

The admission is free for public.

The Best Street Animation competition selection





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