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макет памятника Пластилиновой Вороне

Multivision Festival with the support of "Pilot" studio has initiated to honour memory of untimely left author of "Plasticine Cow" and "Mountains of semi-precious stones", the founder of animation studio "Pilot" largest in the country, the creator of the whole epoch in development of Russian art of animation. We will put up a Plasticine Crow memorial - to the most surprising character of the Russian cartoon films, which have opened new measurements of imagination for spectators of all age, which is adored by children and remembered and loved by adults. The monument will be situated in a city children's movie centre "Rodina".

памятник со своим создатеем - Алексеем Почиваловым

 The breadboard model of a monument prepares by the artist of studio " Pilot " Alexey Pochivalov (on a photo). Plasticine Crow will look in accuracy, as in a cartoon film: an antique column on which sits a crow and holds a piece of cheese and a pinwheel in hands. This masterpiece will be brought from Moscow and exposed for a general review in foyer of a movie centre "Rodina", and will serve as a time monument, till constant one wouldn`t be ready.

 As the temporary monument will be really made of the plasticine, well-known cultural and animation workers, can leave on it the prints of fingers and undersign on it`s basis.
Solemn opening of the project of a monument takes place 26.10.07 at 17.00 in a movie centre "Rodina". Known art workers, members of Saint-Petersburg government and all wishing, are invited to opening ceremony, to honour the memory of the Master! This evening`s demonstration of Tatarskiy`s best films is dated for this action.
The monument installation time is dated to celebration of The International Animation Day - 2007, which is dedicated to Alexander Mihailovich Tatarskiy`s memory, and opening of a temporary monument of Plasticine Crow becomes its central event. The constant monument will be established on pleasure to children and adults in a year, also during The International Animation Day.
The committee on culture of the Government of St.-Petersburg has supported our initiative, and we hope, that the constant monument will take a worthy place among a city sculpture.

Film information:
"Plasticine Crow"
Written and directed by: Alexander Tatarsky, Art director: Igor Kovalev, Lyrics by: Edward Uspensky, Music by: Grigory Gladkov. T/O "Ekran", USSR, 1981

This part narrate about the story-tellers, who forgot the Krylov's fable The Crow and the Fox trying to remember it on the move.
Thus, instead of the Crow the Dog appears, then the Cow and one time even the Hippopotamus! The Fox is also replaced by the Ostrich and then by the Janitor.
Absolutely distorted fable ended up with a distorted rhymed moral - «Don't stand and don't jump, don't sing and don't dance there, where the construction works in progress or hanging heavy load».
The Soviet censorship wanted to decline the film because they saw it as "ideological nonsense". Ksenia Marinina and Eldar Ryazanov saved it by showing "The Crow" in one of the releases of their "Kinopanorama" in contrary to the Soviet censors.

Years didn`t made this cartoon old at all, which «will understand not only the adult, but even a tot». The yard keeper who later has removed to completely plasticine cartoon film « As Last Year`s Snow Was Falling » became almost the national hero. No less than a crow, not able to be defined not only with the residence (a fir-tree or a palm tree), time of day, but also, actually, a biological species.

Interesting facts:
Creation of the film required about 800 kg of soviet plasticine. Because of a withered colors the plasticine was dye-colored.
Animation divided into three independent parts.
The music in the third part of the film was intended to sound in the ordinary tempo, but it's total length appeared to be longer than the animation created (8 minutes instead of 5). While Tatarskiy was in doubt the voices arrived. Then the genius decision came when Tatarskiy remembered how the gramophone-recorded voice of Lenin was restored by varying speed of phonation. He griped the recording to the necessary length (5 min) and the song acquired it's recognisable sounding.

Film has received 25 awards, including the Main prize of IX All-Union festival of children's films in Yerevan, the Main prize of III Moscow festival of young cinematographers in 1982, the Diploma of jury of II International festival of comedy films in Gabrovo (Bulgaria) in 1983.



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