Submission service

Submission service

How to submit your film  to the competition of the Multivision festival:

Dowload Entry Form

Read full Regulations

Films submitting:

1. Films should be submitted online or sent on a  DVD, Blu-Ray or data discs. We prefer online submissions.

Online film submission is a film file uploaded to any ftp-server or file hosting with the link sent to us  by e-mail

- or film at video hosting Youtube and Vimeo with the link sent  by e-mail.

- or at any festival submissions services - partners of Multivision Festival:

HD quality is appreciated

2. The films with dialogues must be supplied with dialogue sheets.

3. Along with the film copy a filled entry form, 1 frame from the film ( jpg files, 300 dpi), biographies an filmography of the authors of the film, synopsis, full film credits must be submitted.

4. Entry forms:

Filled entry forms in text doc files should be submitted via email:

Signed entry forms (scanned or on paper) and all additional materials should be submitted via email: or sent on disc alongside with the film copy to the festival postal address.

5. All applications,  all copies of the films and additional materials must be submitted to the Festival not later than 1st August, 2016, by e-mail or by the address of the festival mailbox:

Multivision festival
(WP 1485)
PO Box 109
53101 Finland

tel. +7 812 5756880

Attention! The address above is a mailbox and works only with the ordinary ‘snail” mail, there are nobody to sign the delivery. It takes a week.
If you prefer to use delivery as DHL, UPS, Fedex etc.,, please, send it to our office: Multivision Festival, c/o Svetlana Petrova, Rubinsteina str. 16 apt. 5, 191025 St.Petersburg, Russia, tel. +7 812 9360373.

But please, never use our office addresse for the "snail" mail: Russian snail mail is the snailest mail in the world.

5. The organizer of the Festival takes full responsibility for the submitted material from the moment it is received. Viewing copies are not returned.

Guidelines for screening copies:

Screning copies are film files.
Guidelines for screning copies film files:
resolution - not less than  1280x720 pix, 1920х1080 is preferable
Video Codec - AVC,  H.264, .mp4 or .mov
Video Bit rate  from 10-20 Mbps. and more.
Audio - stereo
For the Final Cut users:
Apple ProRes 422 (LT) format
Better without subtitles
Subtitles text file with timecode should be submitted also

Screning film files should be uploaded to any ftp-server or file or file hosting with the link sent  by e-mail
or recorded at Blu-Ray or data discs and sent by post to te festival address.

Thank you!



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