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The 14th annual Multivision Festival took place October 28 - November 20, 2016, in St.Petersburg, Russia.
The professional Jury announced the winners of XIV International Festival of Animation Arts "Multivision".

You can find the list of awards and honorable mentions, and festival selection here



The professional Jury announced the winners of XIII International Festival of Animation Arts "Multivision". You can find the list of awards and honorable mentions, as well as official selection, here


XIII Multivision Festival special competitions, open air public screening 29 August 2015 - 07.09.2015

Summer open air competitions by Multivision Festival: "The Best “City and Citizens” short animated film" and "The Best “Cats and the City” animated and fiction cat viral film", took place at Multi-Bridge CTC at night from 29 to 30th August 2015 to the attention of 20 000 spectators

Competitions winners
Photo gallery of the screening


XII International Festival of Animation Arts "Multivision" was held at November 1-30 in St.Petersburg, Russia.On November the 30th, the Jury announced the winners of XII International Festival of Animation Arts "Multivision". You can find the list of awards and honorable mentions and official selection here:


The professional Jury announced XI Multivision Festival  winners. The Festival Jury are the animated film directors Konstantin Bronzit and Ilya Maximov; Andrey Sikorsky, an animated film artist; Alyona Minina, a film director, Nikolay Kopeikin, an artist, Anastasia Kurekhina, the director of the Contemporary Art Center named for Sergey Kurekhin. 
The winners of XI Multivision Festival  and it's official selection


The compettion program was screened at night 19 to 20 July in St.Petersburg at the Troitsky Bridge and in Amsterdam at Magere Brug, competition was showed there by KLIK! festival. The screens on the bridges were connected by video bridge. The Jury chose winners: Best International Film Award, Prize 500 euros from True Scare TV Channel, shared My Mum is aeroplane by Julia Aronova, Russia (she is also awarded as the Best Russian film) and Macropolis by Joel Simon, UK. The Best Dutch Film Is Snapshot by Arthur van Merwijk. Russian 2 TV Channel about the screening: Read more


The winners are:
  Gran Prix 1000 eur

  Palmipedarium, dir. Jeremy Clapin France
  Best Visual Imagery
  Solipsist, dir. Andrew Huang USA
  Best Student Animation
  Cats in the pool, dir. KIM Bo-kyoung, Korea
  Best Movie for Children
  Masha and a Bear: Breath - Don't breath! dir. Georguy Orlov, Russia
  Best Experimental Animation
  Videogiocco, dir. Donato Sansone, Italy
Best Video Installation
Medicine actions by Marina Alexeeva, Russia
Special mentions:
LOL - can't stop laughing
Rollin' Safari, dir. Kyra Buschor, Ännie Habermehl,Constantin Paeplow, Germany
Gourmet Animation:
Main Course

Una Furtiva Lagrima, dir. Carlo Vogele, USA
The Caketrope of BURTON's Team, dir. Alexandre Dubosc, France
Best Video Art
Aalterate, dir. Christobal De Oliveira, France-Netherlands
For the art not only for art sake
Series "flying animals" Studio Da
Best film made by children
Films by Studio Da
Russian KLIK! Award
Snapshot, dir. Arthur van Merwijk, Netherlands

Special competition of the VI Multivision festival "Small movie for a big city" - 29.06.2008
Special competition of the VI Multivision festival "Small movie for a big city" 31 May - 1 June 2008
Photo story
The winners are:
“The best animated short LOVE film” (prize 500 euro)
“Wolf Daddy”
Directed by CHANG Hyung-yun
Animation Studio Nowornever, Korea
 “The best animated short FAIRY TALE film” (prize 500 euro)
“Gordij Mysh” (Proud Mouse)
Directed by Natalia Berezovaya
Animation Studio Pilot, Russia
 Special Jury Mention for “Best Visual Solution”
“Bendito Machine”
Directed by Jossie Malis
Zumbakamera, Peru - Spain
Special Jury Mention for “Graceful Idea Expression”
Directed by Johnny Kelly
Royal College of Art, UK
Special Jury Mention for “Magic Realism”
“Rain from Above to Down”
Directed by Ivan Maximov
Foundation for Social and cultural programs “Gubernia”, Russia

You can find the program of the special competition "Small movie for a big city" in the catalog (pdf, 1,5 Mb)

V International Festival of Animation Arts "Multivision" 8-9 December 2007

The winners are:

 Grand Prix
“Foolish Girl” (Devochka Dura)

Directed by Zoya Kireeva
“A-film” studio, Russia
 1 place
“The Bear Stories”

Directed by Mikhail Aldashin, Marina Karpova
“Pilot” studio, Russia
2 place & The Best Visual Performance
“Tale of How”
Directed by The Black Heart Gang, RSA
 3 place
“Lavatory – Lovestory “

Directed by Konstantin Bronzit, Russia
“Melnitsa” studio, Russia
 Best Animation for Children
Directed by Darina Shmidt
“Melnitsa” studio, Russia 
Best Story
“The Runt”

Directed by Andreas Hykade
Studio FILM BILDER, Germany

 Best Experimental Animation
Directed by Simon Bogojevic-Narath, Croatia
Studio Autour du minuit, France   

 Best Student Animation
Directed by Alon Boroda, Ron Nadel
  Best Internet Animation

Directed by Konstantin Birukov

The Jury of the Festival:
Animated film directors and artists Alexander Bubnov, Rinat Gazizov, Dmitry Vysotsky, Andrey Sicorsky, artist Irena Kuksenaite, painter and member of the New Academy of fine arts Bella Matveeva

Special competition "Small movie for a big city" 26-27 May 2007

Photo story

IV International Festival of Animation Arts "Multivision"
at 2-3 December at the Rodina cinema center in St.Petersburg

On the forth year of its existance the festival widely expanded it's international program which was very impressive this year. Instead of usual one day and night, the festival screening took 2 days to the huge public response.

The winners of the competition:

 Grand Prix & The Best Experimental Animation            1 Place

Directed by Carlos Eduardo Nogueira Produced by Mayra Lucas

Our Man in Nirvana
Directed by Jan Koester
producer: Ole Nicolaisen

 2 Place  3 Place



Directed by Bill Plypmton

 Best Animation for Children & 5 place  Best Internet Animation & 9 place
Denis Chernov, Alexey Lebedev
Alexander Guerassimov, Ilya Popov, Anatoly Prohorov
Petersburg studios, Russia
 The Animal.

Evguenia Golubeva, Russia

 4 place - Shish, Directed by Marina Karpova, Pilot studios, Russia,
6 place - ‘Ce que je suis’, Directed by Joris CLERTE, France;
7 place (Three-way tie)- CARLITOPOLIS, Directed by Luis NIETO , France; The Tale Tell Heart, Directed by Raul Garcia, Spain - Luxembourg ; Yarn, Directed by Reka Gacs, Great Britain;
8 place - Sprossling, Directed by Anne Breymann, Germany,
10 placeHerzen and Tolstoy, Directed by Darina Schmidt, Alexander Druzhinin, Russia
Svetlonos (Torch Bearer) Director: Václav Švankmajer, Czech Repubic is mentioned by jury as the Most Disputed Film

The Jury:

  • Iliya Maksimov
    Director of  the first russian feature-length animated films The Dwarf’s Nose, Dobrynia Nikitych and Zmey Gorynytch (Melnitsa Studios).
  • Dmitry Vysotsky – animated film director and artist
  • Andrey Sicorsky - animated film director and artist
  • Bella Matveeva - painter, the Member of the New Academy of Fine Arts
  • Gala Filatova - artist and perfrmancist, the founder of Purga art-club
  • Arcady Ippolitov – Senior Curator of The State Hermitage Museum
  • Serguey Ushan - Creative Director of Zero Communication Agency and Zero Cinema Club

The 3rd International Festival of Animation Arts "Multivision"

took place in multiplex Kronverk-cinema in St. Petersburg on April 28 2006.

The winners of the 3rd International Festival of Animation Arts Multivision are:

 Grand Prix
“Sherlock Holms and Doctor Watson”, director Alexander Bubnov, Russia
 I Prize
“Maestro”, director Geza M.Toth, Hungary
 II Prize
“Declaration of Love”, director Dmitry Geller, Russia
 III Prize
“Watch the doors”, director Anastasia Zhuravleva, Russia

 The other films from the Best 10:

 The Naughty Bear-cub,  

 “The Naughty Bear-cub”, director Nathalia Berezovaya, Russia

director Cedric Babouche, France


 “La gallina ciega”
director Isabel Herguera, Spain

 « Tounneling »
director Ivan Maximov, Russia


 “Peter and Petrusha”
director Yurii Pronin, Russia

 Horror story for Niusha director Denis Chernov, Russia


director Oleg Uzhinov, Russia
The Best Animation for Children

“The Big Rooster”
director Serguei Gordeev, Russia
The Press Award 


 The Best Experimental Animation
“The city”, director Peter Bronfin, Russia

 The Best Animation made by children
“Story on the long paper”, Japan


The Best Internet Animation
‘Strashilki” (“Children Horror Stories”), directors Dmitry Dudenkov, Yuri Alexandrov, Russia  

 The Best Interactive Animation
“Hotel”, director Han Hoogerbrugge, Netherlands

The Jury:
Ilya Maksimov
Director of Melnitsa Studio. Worked on the series Technology for Poseidon Films (Great Britain), the 3rd and 4th episodes of Adventures in Emerald City for NTV-Kino, and on the animated film The Dwarf’s Nose which is the first feature-length project from Melnitsa Studios.
Nathalia Kozlva – film director, professor of St.Petersburg Theater Academy
Dmitry Vysotsky – animated film director and artist
Andrey Sicorsky - animated film director and artist
Vadim Oblasov – creative director of DIVISION advertising agency
As usual, Mulivision festival presented videart, multimedia performances. This time it was performances by Ole Lukoye, 2012, LEM, Purga.
See photos from the festival below.


The Children program
of the 2005 Multivision International Festival of Animation Arts

took place with great success at 3rd of December 2005 in the cinema center “PIK”


The special children jury being very objective because of wide choice of the ages of the participants: Ilya Bougaev (11) Anya Spiridonova (11), Polina Popova (10), Katya Tarassova (5), Semen Masseev (4) chose the best animation and awarded prize to the winner :

Evolution of Peter Sentsov
. Film Company “Master-film”, director Andrey Sokolov (Russia)

Non contest program of the 3rd Multivision festival.
(Competition films one can see at Animations)


Master Film (Russia)
One of the biggest animation and feature film studio in the country. Founders and organizers of the Open Russian Festival of Animation Cinema.


 Pilot Studios (Russia)
The first non-state owned film studio in Russia. The president and art director of the studio - Alexander Tatarsky – is a film director who has received the Russian government’s Honored Artist of Russia title. For the ten years of Pilot studios existence, it has received more than 50 awards from the most prestigious international film festivals (and is the second highest award winning studio in the world for this time period).


 Petersburg Studio of Computer Animation
The creators of Smeshariki - a new children's animation series consisting of 200, 6-minute episodes - at the 2004 Multivision festival. The Smeshariki project is the most ambitious and accomplished Russian animation series for children. It is executed in the best traditions of animation art using modern Flash technologies. Studio
creators of Masyanya – currently the most famous animated character in Russia. The leader of Russian Flash-animation for Internet

   Alfanim studio (France)
Zombie Hotel

French Animation In All Its Glory
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the International Animated Film Centre (Cica), in collaboration with the Association of French Animated Cinema (AFCA), hope to show the richness of animated cinema through its creativity but also its many techniques. The diversity of this approach is reflected in some 40 films selected on the basis of 5 themes: Whodunits and Chases, Taking Flight, The Menagerie, Modern Tales and Familiar and Unusual Worlds.

The Menagerie
Toro de nuit
Zob de Moor
Du zéro des arènes
La vache qui voulait sauter par-dessus l’église
Vermillon, la grande musique
Le chat d’appartement
Les aventures de Léon, on n’est pas des sauvages
René et Gisèle
Au bout du monde 


 Modern Tales
Haut pays des neiges
Le balayeur
Malveillos, il est minuit poupée
Deux alpinistes
L’homme aux bras ballants
Chéri, viens voir!
Mon placard
Tous les i de Paris s’illuminent
Raoul et Jocelyne


 Whodunits and Chases
Robert Creep « A dog’s life »
Pit Parker contre l’araignée
Taxi de nuit
Hors Jeu
Yaourts mystiques
A donf...


 Taking Flight
Le moine et le poisson
L’envol des frères Wright
Paroles en l’air
Le puits
La grande migration
Les oiseaux en cage ne peuvent pas voler


 Familiar and Unusual Worlds
Dernière invention
La bouche cousue
Au premier dimanche d’août
D’une cité à l’autre
Le bain
L’enfant de la haute mer

Avoid Eye Contact..
NYC independent animation


The program of the Red Shift festival, New-York. Animations by Russian Americans.


 The future of the world animation
The films, made by children. Program presented by the festival Videotivoli, Finland


Animation program of SHORT film festival, Russia


Experimental films program of SHORT film festival
, Russia
Non-commercial and experimental internet flash animation. Russia - USA


The animation program of the International Kansk videofestival, Russia


70th anniversary of Soyuzmultfilm, the oldest animation film studio in Russia.
The program of the films of the beginning of 90th : The forgotten fables of troubled time.


Aardman classics
30th anniversary of studio

2nd International Festival of Animation Art “Multivision

On 20 November 2004, at the Baltiskii Dom theatre in St. Petersburg, Multivision 2004, the 2nd International Festival of Animation Art, took place to huge public response.

On the second year of its existence, the festival had considerably expanded its program including an all night marathon screening and a day time children's programme. And, for the first time, a competition was held for the best animation films in various categories.

Following are the Prize Winners:



 Grand Prix and Viewers Choice Award
The God
Written, directed and illustrated by Constantine Bronzit
Produced by Melnitza Studios, 2002



 First Place
2+1 =
Written, directed and illustrated by Elena Chernova
Produced by Pilot Studios, Moscow, 2003

 Second Place (Three-way tie)  



 Second Place and Best Children’s Film
Smeshariki (collection of animated films for children)
Directed by Denis Chernov
Written by Alexey Lebedev
Illustrated by Salavat Shaiginurov, Maria Susidko
Produced by Petersburg Studios, 2004



 Second Place and Critics Choice Award
Directed by Steve Whitehouse, Canada



 Second Place
Autumn Rise
Directed by Alexandra Uvarova
Debut work by Aleksandra Uvarova, student at the St. Petersburg University of Cinema and TV



 Third Place
300 Stories About Petersburgers

Concept by Alexander Druzhinin and Andrey Karpushin
Directed and illustrated by Djangir Sulaymanov
Screenplay by Andrey Karpushin, Djangir Sulaymanov, Gosha Shpektrov, Denis Eleonsky
Produced by Show Reel Studios
   Best Internet Animation
Magazinchik BO
Directed by Oleg Kuvayev and Katya Gorelova
Produced by Studios

The Jury:

Irina Evteeva is the jury’s chairman. she is a professor in the Faculty of Motion Picture Art at St. Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television. She is also a director for Lenfilm Studios.
Anastasy Kuryohina - Director of the International Center of Modern
Andrey Zonin - Director of the State Institute for Cultural Programs
Vasily Konovalov - Professor and Vice-Chancellor of Animation and Graphics at the St. Petersburg State University of Cinema and TV
Ivan Savenkov - Artist and animator
Olesya Turkina – Senior Curator, Contemporary Art Department of The State Russian Museum
Rosana Zelma - Artistic Director for MultTeleFilm Studio and Screen Studio
Sergey Debizhev - Film director




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